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03-10-2009, 02:22 PM
Im a newbie about this. Tons of questions wanna ask. Ill start with a few :)

How do I use the html/images files whenever I upload it into the ftp after I viewed the site. Its like nothing happened.Its clear as blank.

In photoshop theres the psd in dreamweaver whats the type of file again that contains huge about of mb =D

03-10-2009, 03:03 PM
You need to go any do some training. Buy a book or take a course online.

Not being funny but your questions are too basic and broad.

Dreamweaver can write and work with many file types but the main file type used for web pages is HTML.

If you don't know things like that you need training.

03-10-2009, 03:04 PM
In photoshop theres the psd in dreamweaver there's the HTML, love it.