View Full Version : pop up menu trouble

02-26-2009, 04:59 PM
i created a pop up menu in Fireworks from my template page "main_pages.dwt", well actually from the .png file linked to it
i saved the changes and updates all my pages "index.htm", "otherpage.htm"
but then my pop up work great in "main_pages.dwt" but not on any other pages.
on the .htm pages, the pop up (vertical from a button) is now converted in normal links and put at the bottom of the page.

when i check in the Css styles panel (in Dw on the top left) for my .dwt file i see the <style> tracing_reference.css and the codes, but for the other files .htm, there's just <style> tracing_reference.css and no code.

what should i do/change?