View Full Version : Flash works in template but not page

01-22-2009, 12:00 PM

I've created my template, the flash works in there, but when updates all teh other pages, the flash doeswnt' appear in the html page, just get a white boc in IE and in Firefox just got a black box. I've checked the script, every thing seems to be the same.
Any ideas?

01-22-2009, 11:16 PM
check the paths to your files, swf and any script you are using to embed flash are correct in the updated pages and are not the same as from templates folder

01-23-2009, 10:58 AM
Have you uploaded this yet?
If you have, we'd love a link !

But as edbr says, it's likely that the file paths you have for it are incorrect, make sure you're not referring to a place on your drive. IE: make sure it's not C:/mywork/webwork/site/templates/flash.swf... servers can't get there. Especially when your computer's off :p

01-23-2009, 12:07 PM

Thanks for that, I checked all them before I uploaded it and posted the cry for help. I have kind of cheated now and just changed the flash to a gif instead, which works perfectly ok.

thanks for looking.
There are more post coming, specially embeding a bolg in to a css file.