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01-01-2009, 02:49 PM

I purchased CS4 web design when I purchase my new macbook in November using my sons college id to get education discount. I have several ideas for javascript, ajax intensive dynamic sites (I hope those are the right terms! :smile: I just know by looking what I want, not sure of terms), so I am hoping to figure this stuff out so I can create what I want and not have to pay someone to do it for me.

Also I have created a Forum site that has a CMSP for the home page. It is a support and resource site for Parents, Cadets and anyone interested or affiliated with United STates Air Force Academy. I opened the site in August and we already have close to 600 members. I created this site because My son is a Cadet and I saw a need for a site like the one I created. Here is link www.usafacommunity.com (http://www.usafacommunity.com).

It is not a for profit advertizing site and I have not created a Donate link yet for recoping some of my expenses to create and run the site. I will do this when I feel I have a strong enough active member group that appreciates the site and will want to help keep in going.

I had paid help creating but I have done most of it myself and have spent hours tring to figure out the codes in the millions of templats that is in the admin cp so I am not messing up site every time I want to make a change!

If you guys go there you will probably see a ton of errors right off the bat that I am trying to fix but just not sure of the code and where to place! I am hoping for some help with this here or suggestion of where to go for help other than vbulletin.com or vb.org. They are just money grabbers there and tough to get simiple questions answered

I also have some ideas for making my home page more user friendly and more Web 2.0 with all the ajax and javascript out there. My goal is to get that home page to look similiar and act similiar to Yahoo.com home page. I am hoping I have all the tools, now I just need the knowledge!

I am also hoping there are scripts already out there that just require minor editing to help me through the process. Please let me know where to look.

I am lookng forward to participating in this site. :-D

01-01-2009, 03:45 PM
Welcome to the forum wmlweb! Nice website :)

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Welcome wmlweb, I'm with domedia - nice site (and not too far from me)

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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome ! :-D

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welcome to the forum

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