View Full Version : dreamweaver problem

12-26-2008, 03:13 AM
Hellow , first of all i would like to present i am adrian , i don't work just have a passion for web design ... sry if i posted wrong .
Ok i need help with a page i'm trying to do some king of form don't know how is for my brothers webpage & company he has a game servers buisness .
So i'm trying to do a form that people can choose the game and with the choosed game or whatever it can put the price and if he want's more things or less things don't know if i can put the link of a known webpage by me for u guys to see the model ( the thing i want to do ) but i'll put it so mr. admin pls sry but i'm only in need of help http://clientes.ibericahost.com/signup.php?clienttype=14&package=67

so if anyone knows how this form is called so i can google' it or anyone knows a tutorial .. all i want is to make a form like this one to drop down few games aand for each option to do something ... each game with his description and if i add more thing or if i take things the price to change

THANK YOU 4 helping & my bad mr.admin if i do something wrong