View Full Version : Please Help. This shouldn't be this hard. Creating Dropdown Menu using Photoshop images..

12-07-2008, 08:42 PM
I have hit a brick wall in trying to work this out, and it is killing my productivity, I just need to get through this hurdle on this site, and I can finish it.

Quick rundown on where I'm at:

I created the website to look how I wanted in Photoshop. After I've gotten it looking how I want, I bring it into fireworks and slice it up (I'm sure this step can be skipped, but thats how I'm used to it), and then I export it into Dreamweaver.

All of that is working fine, except for this drop down menu. All I'm wanting to happen is when they roll their mouse over "firm profile" for example, for there then to be a drop down menu that drops below it (no animation necessary) that has 2 additional options they can select.

I have created what the page would look like after the drop down menu would come up (in photoshop). I've tried doing swap images and menu bars and some scripts from the net etc etc but nothing works. It either tries to load the drop down menu WITHIN the slice where it says "firm profile" instead of below it, or just messes up completely.

In fireworks, I'm able to setup a swap image where when you put your mouse over "firm profile" it asks which slice you want the new swap image to come up in, which would work fine EXCEPT that when you go to select one of the bottom submenu options, the rollover disapears. If you do it where the whole slice is switched, then that submenu appears when you rollover where it would be, even if you haven't first rolled over "firm profile"

So to summerize: All I want is to be able to tell it when you put your mouse over "FIRM PROFILE" that underneath it , a drop down menu image that I have already created pops up, and you are able to 1) select the sub menu items (urls). I feel that this should not be anywhere near this hard.

Please help.

12-08-2008, 12:45 AM
Your right about slicing, i will skip that and instead i will do layers and import them into Div's. And about the Drop Down menu, have you tried Hide/Show Elements ? Thats the easiest way to create it. You just create a few Div's and simple add the effect from the Behaviors panel. What will do is that you stack your layers on top of each other and when you mouse-over, that Div will Hide and other Div will apear (that will be your drop down menu). Its simple. Just look for the behavior Show/HIde Elements or Google for mor info, its a simple behavior but powerfull.