View Full Version : Sry Menu Customization Issues

11-12-2008, 05:50 PM
I have created a spry menu for navigation. The background of my site has an image that I want to be seen through the menu buttons. I have created the menu button with no fill color and white text. This worked fine. I also did not want the menu buttons to change color when rolled over, just for the menus to drop down. I have also done this. Now however, I want the drop down menus to be a different color text than the main menu and I also want that color to then change as they are rolled over. So in essence I want the drop down menus to just be the words with no borders and the words to change colors not the box itself. Another option would be for the drop down boxes and text to be different from the main menu. Basically, I can't figure out how to customize the drop down menus without the changes effecting the to level menu. Thanks in advance for the help.