View Full Version : Booking system?

11-05-2008, 08:25 AM
Hey guys well ive got a problem.

Im trying to make a script that you are able to book a server(server= CounterStrike1.6 server) on my server computer. Look on this site http://heaton.se dont bother about the swedish text but on there site you can book a server you write your wished Rcon-pass and then your password to the server then you just click book and then the server is ready to play on with the passwords you wrote. Now how is this possible? Anyone that culd maybe give me a quick guide or anywhere else cause ive searched on everything on google and i can't seem to find the right one well yes i found 2 things that are right but the links where broke :( So anyone got anything anywhere wuld be very happy if i culd get hold of this script.