View Full Version : Creating Email Blasts

10-27-2008, 02:53 AM
I am trying to create a file in dreamweaver, because it has a link, to be inserted into an email, otherwise I would just save it as a .jpg for web. But I cannot figure out how to insert it into an email or how to save it so it can be inserted.

Is there an alternative way to insert an email ad with links without using dreamweaver? maybe in photoshop? PCs cant view my inserted .pdfs.

Can someone help?

10-27-2008, 03:37 AM
do you mean as stationary? what mail client do you use?

10-27-2008, 10:33 AM
The attached thumbnail would be the inserted ad. almost like a webpage, like the Bali Villas, where they can get the message and then click to the main site. I can insert it as a jpg. but the links won't work.

My mail client is Entourage. I am not sure what stationary is?

10-28-2008, 02:14 AM
i dont know that mail server, but you can make a template for your mail (stationary) i Outlook for example you can save in (OS windows)
program files>common files> microsoft shared.
if you create a folder images and link to an image it will be attached.
this location will be different with entourage or firefox which i also use