View Full Version : Can't see "template files" under select

Nathan Wright
10-23-2008, 02:14 PM
I am using Dreamweaver CS3, Version 9.0 Build 3453 on Windows Vista Business Service pack 1.

I recently put DW on another computer with the same settings, however I now longer see a "template files" choice under select.

On the old computer, under select, the only options I have are: All, Recently Modified and Template Files, Everything else is grayed out. When I right click in a blank area under files I choose select, then "template files" then I choose the template file name of the template I recently modified. This will then select all associated files of the selected template and allow me to put only these files my server.

On my new computer I do not see Template files under select. I just see all and Recently Modified. I even exported and imported my old settings for this site and still no luck. I checked preferences and don't see anything there that requires and changes. Does anyone know what I need to change? Your help is kindly appreciated.