View Full Version : Newbie having trouble with opt/rep regions

10-17-2008, 05:13 AM
Hi everyone. I'm migrating my site from simple, square html to nice, elegant css. I've done most of the work, but I'm having some trouble with templates. Here (http://www.technfun.com/temp/example.html)'s an example of how a page created with a template will (hopefully) look.
I've succeeded in making the article region (inside the white frame) editable, but I can't figure out how to handle the side bar menu. It's supposed to contain links to the chapters and subchapters of the main article, so that clicking there will bring you to the right place in the page (a simple # link, in other words). However, the article writer (me) needs to be able to add as many "SidebarLarge" entries as necessary. Under each of those there may or may not be the need to add "SidebarSmall" entries for subchapters.
I read the help file and figured out I need to do something with the optional and repeating region settings, but whenever I try I only ever manage to make a mess of the sidebar. Anyone can tell me how exactly I'm supposed to do this? Thanks :)