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10-13-2008, 10:37 PM
G' day folks!

Alrighty, I'm sure the more experienced DW users are familiar with these "situation's" in which a complete beginner would like to customize and edit their Photoshop template in Dreamweaver.
I'm been scouting the internet most of the day and picked up the pure basics. I've designed and created my template in Photoshop, it's look great, however I've not bothered to add any text as I've been told this will be easier in DW, whether there is any truth in this i really couldn't tell you.
I sliced the template up and opened it up in DW, great.. this is where it get's exciting, i can start to add my content, or this is what i thought!
I'm sure you all know the template at this point is just like a large jigsaw of images, and when you try to edit any of them (add text for example), the whole thing "breaks" and it look's awfull.
I'm aware of a few procedures i can take to add text, but there's no real step-by-step help that I've found, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? The procedures i know of are as follows:

Editable Regions (I've attempted this but the template still "breaks")
Image Background / Table
Tracing ImageI'm lost as to which the best procedure is to use? Or how to use them? Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

10-13-2008, 11:40 PM
You need to know a little how HTML pages work first. You can't just slice up a PSD template and then add text :)

It really comes down to knowing the medium you're working on (the web). It's not as easy as just getting told the procedure, sorry :-(

Some pointers:
1. You cannot add text on top of images, you can however add images as backgrounds and content on top of it.
2. Make sure your PSD template can work as a web page in the first place. Identify which areas will expand with your content, and what is part of the content, and what is just there to make things pretty (images and background images).
3. Do not use frames/tables etc in order to 'support' a layout. This is very restrictive and will give you lots of headaches. Stick to web standards.
4. Any more help? look at the link in my signature, it goes to the sticky in this forum.

Anyone else have some good tips?