View Full Version : 100% vertical div ??

10-11-2008, 07:01 PM
i have a div which contains a menu on the left of my page

how do i get the div to expand to 100% vertically to fill the whole column in Firefox

got it working in IE 6 - 7

10-11-2008, 08:05 PM
Vertically it will grow based on content, there is no 100% height really.
Based on the situation/layout, there's a couple of things you can do like using background images instead.


10-11-2008, 08:31 PM
Can you upload the files so that we can help...
welcome to the forum davidj ;)

10-11-2008, 09:31 PM
ok this is what i am after

I have the tabbed menu built but its the mid section im having problems with

10-11-2008, 10:41 PM
use a vertical repeating background consisting of the grey area you want on the left side. The left DIV might not extend all the way down, but it's parent DIV has the background, so it's going to reach all the way down.