View Full Version : strange template/library issue?

10-02-2008, 02:25 PM
I am having an issue when I update the template that my site is based on. I have the main nav saved as a library item and inserted into my template. Every time I update the pages connected to my temp I am getting extra nav bars inserted. Quite annoying as I have 70ish pages that I need to go thru and delete the extra misplaced nav menus.

I must be doing something wrong... Is it that I'm using a lib item in the template? Seems kind of redundant to do that now that all pages are tied to one temp (used to have several template involved). Maybe I should just put the nav in the template file and skip the use of a library item?

However, I have several lib items in the template and this problem only seems to happen with lib items that have been modified and updated.

Thanks for any thoughts...