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09-30-2008, 06:37 PM
Hey everyone!

Well, I just joined this forum + as I wrote in the "Introduction" section, I have come across several questions I would like to try to address here.

First, here is one website I have pseudo-completed...this will allow you to see the problems I am wishing to address: http://www.tonysabashiber.com

Question 1:

As you can see, on opening the page, I have created a series of buttons, the idea being that when the mouse hovers over them the viewer can see either a color or an architectural detail that is part of the portfolio. However, when you scroll over, the mouse turns into a hand (making the viewer think it is a link when in actuality it isn't). Is there any actionscript I need to use/something I can do to fix this so people don't get confused and think they are dead links??

Question 2:

This is a general Dreamweaver question, not necessarily applicable to my website. I have been trying to figure out how to add a "loading" bar to the site because the slideshows can take a little bit to load. Right now, I have broken the flash animation into 2 bars so it takes less time to load BUT ideally I would like to condense the entire page into one animation + add a masking layer (I have come across this word in my research) that at a bare minimum will tell the viewer that the page is LOADING. Any suggestions?

Question 3:

OK, I am working on a second flash-dreamweaver site that is currently not online (or I would link it to show my problems more easily). The first one is somewhat minor...again, I created the site in a series of flash animations (3 total per page). The far left is the link bar, the middle houses secondary info, and the right has images and specific information. Along the bottom is a graphic connecting throughout the 3 animations. When I preview in Internet Explorer, it loads seamlessly (the graphic has no gaps) but in Firefox it loads with a blank millimeter between each flash file (so the graphic is obviously broken in 2 locations). Is there a quick way to fix this? I am OK with combining the 3 into 1 file per page, but if I did this I would like to add a "loading" bar (as I talked about in Question 2).

Question 4 (FINAL ONE!!!!!!!!!)

Haha, if you are still reading, you ROCK! OK, so for this other website I would like to **ideally** have the link bar to the far left stay the same (without refreshing each time I click one of the links). That way when the website is navigated, the parts to the right change while the link bar stays the same (possibly the link that is clicked becomes a different color after clicking it). Is this something I can do with Flash Animations? Or do I need to build the site in dreamweaver in order for this to be possible? Any advice?

Well, thanks for any help you can give me. If you have specific questions, let me know and I will definitely be around to respond ASAP. Thanks so much in advance, and I appreciate your taking the time to respond in any way! These websites are personal ones (I am not making $$ from them) which is why I can't afford to take a class on these programs.

Oh yeah...and let me know what you think about my portfolio website (the one I linked to above). I know there are a few issues but after going over it I must say I am quite proud of the job I did :) So don't critique me TOO HARSHLY...haha, just kidding, have at it honestly!



10-01-2008, 04:33 PM
Answer 1: instanceName.useHandCursor = false;

Answer 2: Dreamweaver does not have the ability to pull up a loading bar for flash. Do a google search on flash loading bar. Plenty of tutorials out there.

Answer 3: If your flash files are in tables make sure you set your cell padding and cell spacing to zero (note in the world of web you do not use the term millimeters, you use the term pixels). =)

Answer 4: You can do this with either. If your website has minimal animation then stick with dreamweaver if there's a lot of animation you can try javascript but i would say stick with flash.

10-02-2008, 04:46 PM
thanks so much for your help...i have managed to fix a couple of the issues. i do have one further question: in regards to the loading bar, i have done several of the tutorials but am not sure if its possible to get the flash pages i have already built to be compatible with them. is it possible to build a loading bar within an already-created flash drawing? or would i have to start from scratch and have 2 scenes from the get go; one for the preloader and one for the main movie?

thanks again! your input rocks!


10-03-2008, 11:21 AM
is it possible to build a loading bar within an already-created flash drawing?

The way I would do it (and I'm no pro) is to move your whole movie over by 2 frames and add the loading movie in the first 2 frames.
below this have an action script layer that would contain;
Frame 1; "if frame # loaded, goto and stop frame #"
Frame 2; "goto and play frame 1"

This would loop the movie until #frame is loaded and then skip the 'goto' frame, breaking the loop.

I've been warned away from scenes... can't remember why though ! :)

Unless you're wantimng a loading 'bar' in which case there are some good tuts out there, have you tried FlashKit.com ?