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09-10-2008, 06:21 PM

I am a web designer and have been using Dreamweaver MX 2004 ever since. When I tried out Dreamweaver CS3, the thing that annoyed me and the first thing I noticed also is that you have to double click or right click on an image in order to view its properties in the properties panel below. Unlike in Dreamweaver MX 2004, you just have to left click on an image in order to view its properties.

Can this also be done in Dreamweaver CS3?

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d a v e
09-10-2008, 07:16 PM

09-11-2008, 05:13 AM
this might sound as a stupid question .. LOL but HOW?
Cause when I left click on an image in dreamweaver cs3 to select it, it does not display the image properties at the bottom...

d a v e
09-11-2008, 01:06 PM
can you see you properties panel?

can you post a screen shot (or link to one) of when you have an image selected?

09-11-2008, 05:57 PM
Yes I can see the properties panel.

Look at this image:
As you can see, I have selected the image slice with the words "OUR WORKS" on it. And yet, even if I have clicked it once, as you see in the properties panel, it still does not display the image properties. I still have to either double click on that image or right click on it in order for its properties to show at the properties panel. I have also noticed that this also happens when I click on a cell. I still have to right click on a cell or double click on it in order for the cell attributes (width / height) to be displayed at the properties panel..

09-12-2008, 09:13 PM
Your not selecting the image properly thats why, look just above the properties bar where it says body and div if you had an inline image selected it would say img.

Either click on the image in code view or use the tag selector as mentioned above to select the image or when you click on the image I sometimes find that you have to sort of move the mouse as you left click over the image for it to become selected.

09-12-2008, 09:14 PM
Bad way to design websites by the way slicing in fireworks and using tables!!

09-14-2008, 04:48 AM
thanks!! Yea.. I guess I have to go with the trend on table-less layouts. :mrgreen:

09-14-2008, 05:47 PM
looks like a decent design btw from the bit we can see.