View Full Version : VS 2008 cs CS3 for my Web Application

09-01-2008, 06:45 PM
Ok - im very new to web development and although I understand the basics with HTML and Javascript, im still very new to technologies like ASP.NET, AJAX, etc

Let me start at the end - the end application...

> Id like to have the initial page that has a webform that lets the user type in some basic information about a site. (Coordinates, info, etc) I would like to apply some validation rules for this data entry.

> Once this is tapped in, id like it to be sent to the server. The server will process the data and send it to a online mapping application called ArcGIS Server (http://resources.esri.com/arcgisserver/#). Im not sure if I need to STORE this data in a database or if I can just hold it as temporary variables for this session?

> ArcGIS Server can be developed with in VB.NET and I think I can handle that side of things - basically a map is returned (separate page) with a point showing the sites location.

I think the sensible option would be to begin developing with VS 2008, but because I am already familiar with Dreamweaver, I was wondering if I could do a lot of the development with CS3? Id like to hear unbiased objective opinions please.

And please speak in lamens terms.

Thanks in advance...:-)