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08-28-2008, 03:25 AM
Hi there..
I'm building a site for a little athletics club and wanted a page with 3 dropdown menus that athletes would select one item from each menu to ultimately bring up a list of events for that particular age group on a particular day. During the season there are about 20 days of competition. There are 3 'standard' programs of events that are used. There are 16 age groups, (8 boys and 8 girls). So for example, on day 1, all age groups do program 1, on day 2 all age groups do program 2, day 3 program 3, day 4 program 1 again etc.. Each age group does different events for each program.
So what I really need is a dropdown menu to select 'Boys/Girls', then another dropdown to select the 'Age Group', (which would be the numbers 8 through 15), then the last dropdown would be a list of the 20 dates of competition. Once the date is selected then a list of events would appear, whether it be on the same page or a link to another page showing the events.. I hope this isn't too confusing!!

Thanks in advance!

08-28-2008, 04:37 AM
Spry menus would be an answer, if however you want css menu,s check out csplay.co.uk, a number of examples there