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08-26-2008, 04:23 PM
Well Ive got a menu from Dynamic Drive and Im trying to implement it. Ive had some help from someone on their forum and its been very usefull. but Im trying to make it work and Im having trouble with the SUBLINKS appearing onmouseover. They simply dont appear.
Ive got the css for the menu and a .js file also linked but I must have done something wrong because it doesnt work. I was wondering if someone could have a look and see whats going wrong.

Here is the demo link from the guy on the forum who helped me:


These are the files:

And here is my test setup:
CSS:http://www.elchevirtual.com/Personal...r/glowtabs.css (http://www.elchevirtual.com/Personaltrainer/glowtabs.css)
ddtabmenu.js: http://www.elchevirtual.com/Personal...r/ddtabmenu.js (http://www.elchevirtual.com/Personaltrainer/ddtabmenu.js)

Ive tried getting rid of the code that I dont need as Im only going to use the BLUE MENU option so maybe I got rid of some code by mistake....

08-27-2008, 03:53 PM
This is driving me mad. I think it must be that I dont have enough space between my NAVBAR and the CONTENT and I believe the sublinks are hidden behind that... If I make my page extend fully instead of centered I get the sublinks....

Anybody have any suggestions?
Here is the fixed version...Although its not quite there as my page is centered and not expanded as in this version....cant get it to work!