View Full Version : Google Map And Legend frames keep moving around...

08-20-2008, 12:09 PM
Been developing a Google Maps, using DW as the interface to fiddle the underlying javascript.

The Site ( (work in progress)

On my 20inch monitor everything looks as I want:

However, on laptop screens (or I imagine any different monitor/screen
resolution), people are getting different results.
http://simon.robin.jackson.googlepages.com/Clipboard02.jpg (http://simon.robin.jackson.googlepages.com/Clipboard02.jpg)

For instance, the legend will be the same height as the map frame,
therefore covering the maptype buttons and prevent the user from
clicking them.

What steps can I take to get consistency across different browsers/
resolutions - in particular to my problem.

Please view the source of my site for info on the code used.