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08-16-2008, 02:44 PM
Hey guys,

Right i seem to have hit a slight snag with DW CS3, for whatever reason, and i can't seem to find a fix for it.

The problem is as follows, if i create an image in PS and then save that image in the images directory of the site i'm working on in DW it will not be displayed, i have refreshed the list and everything and it still is not found. I can go to the directory manually and i can see the image there, but DW does not seem to want to see it :roll:

Anyone got any suggestions as to how to fix it, or what i'm doing wrong, or if you've experienced this before.

Thanks guys

08-16-2008, 05:35 PM
No not after the refresh anyway, are you using a Mac or PC?

Just make sure your file is named properly and as the correct extension eg, image.jpg and doesn't contain any forbidden characters like +=! etc

You could also just check your cloaking settings, just make sure your image type isn't being cloaked, just right click over the site name and click cloaking settings. This shouldn't prevent the files from displaying though.

You could also check your site settings making sure your images folder is set within your main site folder.

If none of that works and you are using windows, just ensure that your file extensions are being displayed see refresh the site and see if this helps.

You turn on / off the viewing of file extensions in folder options, you can get to this from My Computer or Control Panel I think.

Let us know how you get on.

08-16-2008, 10:21 PM
All of it checks out, and i am using windows.

None of that improved anything, although the strange occurance is that dreamweaver pics up all the rest of my previous images (.gif) , it also detects the psd files of the images i want to add, but it does not detect those images when they are .gif .

Thanks for trying to help though Ricky ;)

Just seems completely random if you ask me :?

08-17-2008, 01:35 PM
Sorry bout double post, seems i cant edit previous one again.

Anyway , it would seem that i have found the cause of the problem, it seems to actually be PS which is causing the problem, if i save it, and it shows me the directory as you expect and you save it that way, it seems to not do the saving 0.o (or it does.. but it doesn't display, as it asks if you want to replace the file...), but if you manually start from my computer and get to the directory it works out.

Not sure that was the best explination, but it's the best i can come up with ^^.

Strange problem though, hmmm so it's photoshops problem not DW.

Ahh well it all seems to be working out now, must have just been something up with my computer at that time.

08-17-2008, 09:08 PM
fair enough, they're always difficult to sort out these kinds of problems over the forum, you really need to be sat in front of the machine.