View Full Version : Can i create a radio web in DW ?

08-11-2008, 03:13 AM
Can i create a radio-web with dreamweaver..?
The idea is that i can air music to the web without live-streaming, but instead some program that i can control from my computer to the server-hosting.
it is posible ?

08-11-2008, 08:49 AM
you can serve music using flash which would be the best delivery method

you cant use copyrighted material as you will be paying the fine for many years when (not if) you get caught!

08-11-2008, 09:31 PM
can you give more info about how to do it in flash and about the copyright-fines stuff... please (are you a DJ)

08-12-2008, 12:07 AM
The Flash help files has some information about streaming audio.. but it's not very user friendly info (sorry adobe).. there's some great resources in the developer center at adobe.com, I would look there.

08-12-2008, 02:57 AM
great..... i'll do that