View Full Version : Hide-Show/elements Beavior Gone Wild

08-04-2008, 03:18 AM
I have a Colapse-Zlider Menu made with Show-Hide Behavior. You click a Button and a table with pics and new buttons tabs apears, when you mouse-over the red tabs it apears more pics and info. I have a main DIV and inside it are the other DIV's that apears as red tabs or buttons. I the idea is that if click another button it all closes and the new buttons opens. This only works upwards and not downwards.

You can view the tabs and the new divs apears like it should, but when i go down to the other buttons the previous DIV still apears. It supose that if click another button everything should close because i told Hide_Show to hide the main DIV and it supose to close all the divs inside.

If i do it upwards it works great. Maybe it better if you see it and try it, just go to the middle of the page, you will see some grey buttons (main DIVs) and at the top some red tabs. Mouse Over the tabs and then go down and click another grey buttons. Then Mouse Over again the red tabs and click a grey button upwards and you will see it works fine.