View Full Version : disabling accordion button

07-28-2008, 05:42 PM
How do I disable the accordation button that opens up and displays the information.

My main goal is to limit the user everytime they visit how much information they can view basically so they don't get overwhelmed by the information on the webpage.

My goal is to have everything collapsed when they enter the page.

Then when they click on the button to show information it disables the button to be closed, just basically create a method that will be called when the button is clicked to disable the button.

Then after a certain ammount of accordation buttons is clicked all the buttons are disabled.

I am trying to make a counter that will count the ammount of buttons clicked then after the buttons are clicked a certain times it disables the method that controls the buttons to work. Is this possible it seems to be harder for me to understand the spry js code more then I expected. If you have any ideas or even a solution to a portion of this tweak that would be awsome and I would be very greateful for any of your help