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07-18-2008, 11:53 AM
Hi all,

I have a lack of knowledge to do with templates and was hoping someone would know the answer or be able to point me to a tutorial.

Basically my website currently has 2 main template pages. The index page and a game page. I have put a colored layout of the editable regions as an attachment for the 2 pages.

The black area is the left and top nav bars, the other colours reflect different information.

If I create a template of the index page and a generate a number of pages off this template I can edit the black nav bar for the template and it will update all the pages generated from it.
The problem I have is the game page which uses a different layout for everything except for the black nav bars. I need to create many pages from this template as well but I want to make it in such a way as if I update the index page the game page template black nav bars update.

so the question is how do I make the game page a template of the index page but with a different set of tables inside?

Any help would be much appreciated.