View Full Version : another IE6 display issue

06-29-2008, 03:27 AM
I'm using a menu designed by Stu Nicholls at CCSplay and it is getting all screwed up in IE6. He says it has been tested in IE6 and the sample on his site displays just fine in IE6 http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/pro_drop6.html
But displayed on my page or by itself the menu seems to have the same messed up display issue. 3 of the 7 menu heading are being placed under the 'SCHOOL' drop down.

My version:

or... incorporated into a page (this is really screwed in IE6)

when I remove the menu, the page almost displays correctly in evil IE6

Also, I have dealt with the double margin bug before but don't see how this could apply here...his menu displays fine on his site...are my alterations (adding extra tabs) screwing it up.

thanks for any wisdom!