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06-09-2008, 01:43 PM
Hi, I have a website I am making and I am using a photoshop script for simple viewer to make my galleries. I chose the background to be in black and the whole process has made a folder with thumbnails, images, index.html and flash files.

I have just dragged the flash file into the page and set it so it is all aligned how I like. Except the background of the player is in grey. I found some code in the index.html that the simple viewer script made and I dont know where to paste it in the code on my page. I have discovered it is a css thing but I don't know how to assign the CSS to the flash object in dreamweaver.

Here is a link to my site

www.cjs-photography.co.uk (http://www.cjs-photography.co.uk)

Go to the galleries and the building gallery.

I hope someone can help with where I need to paste this code.... Thanks

This neeeeeeds deleting because for some reason my site has messed up and I need to fix it before I do this....THanks