View Full Version : CSS divs running into each other on 4x3 monitors but not on widescreen

06-03-2008, 03:25 PM
I am trying to develop a site: http://www.poweredupgamers.com. (http://www.poweredupgamers.com./) Everything looks great on a widescreen monitor, but when I view it on 4x3 monitors the divs run into each other and the spacing gets all messed up. This occurs regardless of the resolution the monitors are using.

I thought by setting up margins with % (5% left margin for left div, etc.) that the divs would change in size to fill the pages regardless of the resolution the monitor is set at. The divs do seem to adjust for the resolution, but the monitor format appears to be a different issue. Do I need to set fixed div positions or widths to fix this issue? If so, how do I set them to ensure the page is filled properly (as little blank space as possible) regardless of the monitor's resolution?

Does it have anything to do with fixed sizes for certain images inside divs sizes based on % margins? I tried to compensate for this by making the images smaller than what would be needed for most resolutions (I wouldn't think that 550px would cause a problem at 1024x768 or 800x600 resolutions).

Thanks very much for any help!