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05-27-2008, 04:55 AM
Hi I need some help!

shorelinemason.com is the site I designed.

I have a number of graphics links that I applied a swap image/swap image restore behavior to. The swap image on mouse over and link work fine, however if I click on the image and go to the link and then back arrow to the original page the swap image graphic is still visible and does not restore to it's original non mouse over state.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

For example if you go the main index page and then mouse over the "about" link on the nav bar in the middle of the page the box next to the "about" link fills in white. Then when you click on the about link and go to the about page and then BACK ARROW to the index page again about box is still filled in white - it shouldn't be. This is also happening to me on the thumbnails in the residential and commercial galleries (the large image swaps out on rollover of the thumbnails) but the first thumbnailis the image that the should be visible in the large box when the page loads/reloads. But is you are rolling over thumbnails and then go to a different page and then BACK ARROW the last thumbnail you rolled over is still visible in the large box - it doesn't revert back to the original image (or large version of the first thumbnail) that should be loaded. I work on a mac and have checked in Safari 3.0.4 and Firefox 2.0 and IE 5.2 for Mac. I hope I am making sense. Maybe it is something happening locally on my machine only?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

05-27-2008, 11:57 AM
Seems to work ok for me, Safari on the Mac. Have you set a down state for your Nav bar? This could be why its staying white.

Nice design btw apart from the double vertical lines running down the right hand side, I don't think you need them.