View Full Version : Using Static HTML in Template EditRegion

05-17-2008, 05:51 AM

I have a friend who is a brilliant designer but a horrible programmer. I wrote a utility which takes his DB-run ASP.NET website and turns the dynamic content into about 300 HTML pages so he could edit them in Dreamweaver. These pages need to go in the center EditRegion in a Template.

I don't need the Template to "stick around", he just needs to be able to edit and visualize these pages.

1) How do I do this with minimum impact to those 300 pages? I don't want to have to strip out code that the template forcefully put in there. A few <?php include> tags or whatever wouldn't be a problem for me to get rid of when I re-upload the page.

2) How can I do this automatically? I don't want the poor guy to sit there and copy and paste 300 times :)

I've tried to find some sort of import utility that will let me do this, but no luck...

Thanks in advance :D I appreciate the great video tutorials, btw.

EDIT: I bet I could *almost* do this with the Data Objects, etc. with Dreamweaver, but I don't really know how...do you think that would be easier?