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05-13-2008, 08:38 PM
I have watched loads of tutorials and read a ton of stuff, but have a couple of questions. I have created a website in fireworks cs3 and optimised and now ready to export. I have played around with dreamweaver a little bit testing stuff out. When I import my homepage into dreamweaver, it create's a cell around my layout. When I change my background colour, it only changes outside the cell. Can someone explain what this is as it leaves a big space around my template? Where should it be positioned and how do I reposition? next I have created a banner in flash and when I insert into dreamweaver it puts at the bottom of the page. How do I align it with the top of my template. Am I right in exporting from fireworks as html and images or do I need to get into css layers? which I read a little about but confused left me even more confused. Sorry for the number of questions, but I' m trying to get to grips with this asap. When you watch the tutorials it makes everything so simple but in practice it is never that easy! Thanks

05-15-2008, 10:57 AM
You need to break your questions up a bit more, your asking too many broad questions here.

You can export from Fireworks as HTML and Images but this will create a table based layout which really isn't the way to go these days. You would be better exporting using the parts of your design that need to be images and build the page using CSS but not Dreamweavers layers. Dreamweaver layers are just absolutely position DIV's and these are not great as different browsers display them differently.

If you are not in a rush my advice would be to do a few tutorials on CSS, in particular floats and positioning.

If you are in a rush you could continue with Fireworks and the table based layout.

05-15-2008, 12:04 PM
Ok thanks for the reply, the above questions do seem confusing looking at them now. I have read the dreamweaver for dummies book since the post and have a better understanding of dreamweaver. I have gathered I need to use Css. My layout is very graphical and this is the route I will be using in the future. The table method is a too old fashioned way of working for me, as I am used to working with graphics. I have found a good tutorial on Css on the adobe site. Just a couple of more questions. The website I have created is in fireworks, but I have already applied the html to the nav buttons using the button editor in there. I know I now export as Css not html, so am I better applying rollover effects and links in dreamweaver, because if I export to dreamweaver as Css all the current html is lost? When slicing for export in fireworks, how accurate do the slices have to be, are the lines absolute to one pixel, so all information out the slice is lost? I have created a rounded rectangle with a drop shadow as a template. Not sure where to apply the slice around the template without losing the drop shadow or can the drop shadow bee applied later in dreamweaver with Css?

05-15-2008, 04:52 PM
I really need to see the design, if you ate going the CSS route I would forget about what you've done in Fireworks.

When you work with CSS you don't really need to use Fireworks, some people may use it for some slicing work but thats about it. You can't export from Fireworks as CSS, it just doesn't work like that.

With CSS you create a basic structure using HTML, splitting your page design into section, these sections are placed in the HTML DIV tag.

CSS is then used to add images and the asthetics, positioning colours and so on.

Generally buttons and navigation is created from HTML lists. An unordered list will be created in HTML, you can of course use Dreamweaver for this, this basis list when it's unstyled will literally be just a list of text. CSS is then use to add the rollover affects etc. Quite often you don't need to use images at all to do this. If you are wanting a specific look then images may be required but the list will still be the foundation.

I would check out Lynda.com they have some excellent tutorials on using Dreamweaver with CSS. CSS is a large topic though, this is not something you'll learn over night like Fireworks. Its not that hard though so if you are willing to learn you'll be OK.

Have a look at this tutorial and you will see what I mean