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04-28-2008, 11:53 PM
In Dreamweaver I have a spry table that displays products. I would like to filter the table on the type of product. I have found some code and tried to ammend that. This uses the Spry:if statement, However no rows are being displayed. The test below is meant to check if the first character is b o or c.
Basically I cannot find a good explanation of spry:if, Spry:when, Spry:test, spry:choose to resolve this.
Any suggestions please.
<div spry:region="dsProductTypes" spry:if="{ds_RowCount} != 0" >
<th spry:sort="SubType">SubType</th>
<tr spry:repeat="dsProductTypes" spry:test="'{Type}'.match(/^[boc]/i);" spry:choose="" spry:odd="OddRow" spry:even="EvenRow" spry:hover="" spry:select="">