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04-27-2008, 04:30 PM

The template for my website controls the heading/website name on the top of each page, but for some reason, the heading on my index page is tiny as compared to the large font on the other pages and on the template. I've experiemented with changing the font size and then updating, but it didn't change on the index page.

So to see what would happen, I changed the color of some of the middle letters in the heading on the template and updated. Result: the color of the middle changed on the index page, the size did not, and the color of the font of the first paragraph also changed.

I've done searches, I looked at the code of the other pages and compared them to the index page and template, and didn't see anything different (granted, I'm not very good at HTML and could have missed something), and I can't figure out why the template would update the color (and also some of the editable region), but not the size.

Any ideas/thoughts on what to look for would be greatly appreciated!!! I'm at my wit's end... this has taken up so much time with no results shown, and it's the only thing (at this point, anyway) that is keeping the page from being "done for now". :)

Website in question is at www.dressageclinics.org (http://www.dressageclinics.org), if seeing the code would help

Thanks, thanks for any insight!!

PS just noticed that the "Pictures" page still has the old, really large font, so it's not being updated, size-wise, either.

PSS ... also tried creating a new templated page and copying and pasting the entire editable code from my index page into it, so that I'd get the correct heading that way. The fonts were messed up with re: bolding, though, so that didn't work. Which begs another question - how can identical HTML coding look different when it's copied and pasted onto a new page?

04-27-2008, 05:46 PM
Your index page has this:

<div class="text" id="heading">
<span class="style4">DressageClinics.org</span>
<img src="images/titlepicture.jpg" alt="titlepicture" width="860" height="168">

Your other pages have this:
<div id="heading">
<img src="images/titlepicture.jpg" alt="titlepicture" width="860" height="168">

So, it looks like you need to remove class="text" from div#heading and change the span tag into an h1 tag without a class attribute.

04-27-2008, 06:20 PM
Hi Cary,

Thank you so much! Yes, I see it in what you've copied (I was looking through the coding so carefully, too, don't know how I missed it. My eyes were crossing, though.).

I looked at the template, and also the pages online, and I don't see the <h> </h> in the coding... I was looking right after the <body on load> thingy. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Both the templates and the pages online (from what I'm looking at) have this:
<div class="text" id="heading">
<span class="style4">DressageClinics.org</span>

And I noticed when I went through all the pages, how the heading looked, and the coding (which all looked the same to me), and saw that the schedule (2nd) and sponsorship pages had a slightly smaller heading, the clinic pictures page had a larger heading, the index had the tiny heading, and the other pages all had the heading size I was trying to get.

My brain is buzzing after looking at all the coding; can only imagine how you must feel after looking at so much! If you can shed any light on this, or what I'm looking at that's wrong/doing wrong, it would be wonderful.

Such a little thing... seems like it should be so easy! Change the template, and poof - everything else is changed. This is really baffling me...

Thanks again. :)

04-28-2008, 12:52 AM
Just wanted to say that it's fixed, although I'm not quite sure why. :)

I monkeyed around with the font size, changing it from 30 pixels to 29, deleting and adding letters, and then saved the template. This is exactly what I'd done before, several times, only to have the template not apply itself to all of the pages, or else, as in the case of the color change described above, only do some of the changes and not the others (namely, the font size).

Only this time, the pages all changed! No idea why - all those hours of basically doing the same thing, and this time it worked. Still don't understand what happened nor why, but at least it's set for now.

Thanks again. :)