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04-16-2008, 04:59 PM
Wonderful site. Enjoyed the tutorials, but I'd like some input from the experienced people who may be able to get me started in the right direction.

I've been given the humble task of adding some features to my company's website, most notably our entire catalog of 4000+ auto parts with a shopping cart feature for online purchasing. As part of the catalog we need to have a "make, model, year" very similar to the "Dynamic Dropdowns with PHP" tutorial. Currently there is a marketing (no database integration, etc.) firm dolling up our website using DW. All of our catalog data is or will be in a large Access db that also outputs the part info to an XML file for use by other cataloging companies.

What should we(I) use to edit and maintain our new website (DW?) and what is the preferred method for database integration? (PHP, ASP)? Also, should we be looking at something like MySQL or SQL Server for handling the data due to the size of our db? We are very concerned with security of the data and will probably continue to outsource our hosting, but have a T1 service in house.

As you may be able to tell I'm not the most experienced in site development, but since I did much of the work on our Access db, including some coding, I've been "nominated" to find a solution.

If there is anything I've left out I'd be happy to add more. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


04-17-2008, 01:12 AM
I feel your best way to go is php / mysql. access as far as i know is not recommended for security reasons, although in all honesty i have never used access personally.

i would look at shopping carts as an add on to your site of which there are many on the web. I like personally cp panel ,a free one and easy to change designs . it has a number of payment modules with it including pay pal as standard.

04-17-2008, 12:46 PM

Both are powerful programming languages which instruct the server to perform tasks before sending you the results of those tasks in HTML as a web page.

ASP is still out there but has taken a back seat to the more popular .NET who are over seen by Microsoft. You will find that hosting may cost more when using Microsoft technologies due to licensing overheads.

PHP however is open source and has been developed by people who use it.

Many corps who have a Microsoft platform will adopt the .NET technology but for those who are not tied into anything specific will go down the PHP route due to the uneven balance of power over cost. (both are very powerful and have their pro's and con's)

Id say your better off with PHP because the help you will need is out there and is free to tap into (Like this forum)

id say migrate your ACCESS db over to MYSQL and get your functionality working then come back and we will look at the CART options you have

If you have any problems with the language you know where we are.