View Full Version : Using Dreamweaver and PHP to send form results in an email Tutorial

04-15-2008, 05:54 AM
Hi there!

I am very new to DW but am eager to learn. I have created my website with DW MX 2004 with the .htm extension as a beginner using a template. I have also tried creating a log-in page so that only members will be able to view the restricted pages.

Now I am trying to learn the above-mentioned tutorial. I have created 4 different types of forms for my website with the .htm extension. I hope I got the 1st step right.:)

Secondly, according to the tutorial, I have to create a PHP Script for processing the form results. Therefore, I have created a sendresults.php file plus copied and saved the codes given in the tutorial in the <head> </head> section. I hope this is correct.:confused: Question : If I have 4 forms, must I create 4 sendresults.php files accordingly?:confused:

Thanks so much for your replies and being so patient with a newbie like myself.