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04-03-2008, 07:08 PM
First I have to say what a great resource this forum has been!! My question / problem is this. I have figured out how to use forms, and even link them into a formmail script. But I can not figure out how to stylize my forms. I want all of my boxes to line up, and all of my text to be justified to the left. How or where is this accomplished? Also what are some opinions on Spry fields? Thanks much...this website is www.maps4weddings.com (http://www.maps4weddings.com) ... the orderform and contact pages are what im working on. Thanks much!!!

04-03-2008, 07:57 PM
Hi nengels, and thanks for the nice words on our community!

You can style forms in any way you wish, I'm sure everyone has their little favorite way of styling them.

I think most people, unfortunately, still use tables for this. Not sure why, but I even see this on websites that are beautifully crafted with web standards, and then they go back to awkward tables when it comes to the forms. I'm even sure some of the forms I have on the web still uses them.

I use the technique that described by the Man In Blue, Cameron Adams in this article he wrote for Sitepoint:

I sincerely recommend following this technique. Once you master it, you've jumped miles ahead in CSS knowledge :)

Good Luck!