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02-12-2008, 10:41 PM
Hello i have my website on a webhoster and i need to connect to my other MySql server on my server computer.

Here is the connection code:

$serveros="windows"; //Write your server operation system For Windows "windows" For Linux "linux"
$lang="en"; // Language ("en" - english, "ru" - russian, "tr" - turkish, "hu" - hungarian, "de" - deutsch)
$host="00.00"; //
$user="root" ; //
$password="*****"; //
$db="world"; //
$hostc="; //
$userc="root"; //
$passwordc="****"; //
$dbc="character"; //
$database_encoding = 'CP1251'; // Set encoding
$server = ""; // Server adress (for realm status)
$port = "8085"; // Server port (for realm status) 8085 or 3724


$accountoption="1"; //Set your RoSPORA's account creating is open or closed. 1 - Open , 2 - Closed
$onlineoption="1"; //Set your RoSPORA's online player display is open or closed. 1 - Open , 2 - Closed
$accountmessage="Account Creation Not Avalible"; //Set your account creation closed text
$onlinemessage="Online PLayers Offline!"; //Set your online player display text
$lock_acc=0; // Lock created account to IP adress (1 - on, 0 - off)
$lock_reg=2; // Registration only one (or more) account from one IP adress (IT HAVE A SECURITY ON FORM ACTION BOTS! , JUST SET IT TO 1 OR 2)
// 0 - not limit, 1 - one acc, 2- two acc, etc...


$img_base = "img/"; // Image dir
$ongif = "img/on.gif";
$offgif = "img/off.gif";
$charset="windows-1251"; //Browser charset of your language.Tarayıcınızın dilinize göre charset ayarı - Türkçe : "iso-8859-9"
$timetext="Current Server Time"; //Shows Server Time , if you want you can change it to your language Example: ="yourlang";


$information="<li>RtWoW supports only 2.3.3 clients<br><li>1x Quest XP , 4x Kill XP , 90x ItemDrop";
?>Im trying to connect but when i load the page it never loads. Can anyone plz help me i have been trying for hours and hours. Just ask if you don't understand my question

02-18-2008, 12:27 AM
who gave you this connection script?

did you get it from your host