View Full Version : best option for site navigation

02-04-2008, 05:21 PM
Hi all,

I'm just getting back into Dreamweaver after several years of absence. So I thought I might as well try some new/better ways of doing things.

The navigation will feature images & rollovers, and I definitely want to work with templates and nested templates to keep things as editable as possible (i.e. if I want to expand and add new navigation elements in the future)...

Question is:
What's the best way of doing a site navigation system? What's the difference between "Image Objects/Rollover Image" and "Image Objects/Navigation Bar"? Which one of the both "remembers" the user's current position on the website?

In the past, I used to have one template for each section of the site ("Gallery", "Contact", "About",...). This is exactly what I'd like to avoid... The only reason for doing this was to display a "down" image for each section's name, whilst at the same time removing the link. (If you're already within a certain section, you don't need to be able to "get there". Hope you'll understand what I mean).