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01-28-2008, 09:38 PM
To begin with i'd like to say hello as this my 1st post here! So, Hello!

Anyway quickly on the business stuff!

I've just about finished building a site that i've been testing in Firefox as its my default browser. However, when i've then gone to test it in IE its thrown up some problems which have left me feeling a little destroyed for the minute as i have to take this show my client tomorrow (he is a friend by the way so all's not lost!).

The site needs to go live relatively soon, hence my slight panic as to getting it working properly in both browsers. I've uploaded the site to a temp location http://www.virtualform.net/jesswright/index.html and would be very pleased if anyone would be able to take a look and hopefully point me in the right direction in regard to how or what i need to do so that the pages display the same in each browser.

The main issue is with how the text formats in IE as opposed to in Firefox and the way in which the contact page really screws up in IE against Firefox

I should also point out that i am a relatively novice web designer at this stage!

Many thanks in advance for your help!!

James Taylor

01-29-2008, 02:25 AM
First, add padding to your Table holding the text. Second on your Contact page, use the side line images as background as well, that way they will repeat as the table grows and no broken lines will show.

As for your design, you should have a look at CSS and try to convert your layout to CSS. Much easier to maintain and it would show more consistently on the browsers.

Don't get me wrong. I started with tables and I can do quite well with them but CSS is much better.



d a v e
01-29-2008, 06:45 AM
btw the logos on your services page should be saved as gifs or 8-bit pngs, except possibly the possibly the bradford council IF the gradient deosn't reproduce properly. oh and the jesswright logo too and slices ;)

01-29-2008, 08:45 AM
Thanks for the thoughts guys, its gonna be a tomorrow before i get chance to look at this again but just a couple of thoughts...

if i add padding to the table holding the text so i displays correctly in IE will it not then push the text further down the page in Fiefox?? Secondly, using the side bars as a background aswell so they repeat and fill in the gaps would be a solution, however, the pages were designed so that they would all be the same dimensions and i'd like to keep to this if possible... are there any other suggestions as to why the contact pages gets shifted around so much in IE??

any good tuts or reading you know of on designing layouts with CSS?? i hadn't realised CSS could be used to such an extent as to control entire design layout? i thought it was primarily for appling global styles to particular elements within the page??

01-29-2008, 09:22 AM
Welcome to DC James,

There are always going to be cross browser issues so it is always best to keep checking in different browsers as you build your site.

J is right about CSS though. I also used tables until recently and have now changed to CSS for layout. There is always help available on the forum but these links might be helpful to you. This is what I used to start to learn CSS.



Good luck.

Regards, Paul

01-29-2008, 11:30 AM
using the side bars as background are only preventive in case your page changes as it did on IE. Another thing would be to create a longer set of bars to avoid using them as background, but that defeats the purpose to have the page as one size.

the quickest an easiest is to use the background idea. I usually test in IE, FF and Opera and find that most designs regardles of the accuracy have a bit of difference on them.

01-31-2008, 09:08 AM
Thanks for the suggestions guys, i had a look at at the problems last night and have managed to resolve them all, so panic over for the time being!!

I ended up rejigging the tables slightly and adding some cell spacing to create a happy medium between Firefox and IE for the text issue. On the form 1 of my problems was that each input element was in its own form tag, amended that so all form elements now sit in 1 set of form tags and again rejigged the tables slightly.

Just a few final amend to make from the client, a php script to create for the form and then the site can go live... hopefully!!

thanks for the links too Tux, i'll have a better look at designing using CSS now i've been made aware of it!!