View Full Version : Install WAMP Neon Fluxx PHP Screen Blank

Mark Duffy
11-17-2007, 07:51 AM
I have started to use the club install WAMP by Neon Fluxx.
The VTN seems so easy with no hickups and Neon is full of energy all of which fills me with confidence.
I use XP and have Dreamweaver 8 previously mx, which I have been using with IIS for some tme though only for simple stuff.

I have downloaded WAMP
Next instruction is to open myPhpAdmin. Click on the icon in th tray Firefox opens but th screen is blank.

I am sure that this is a simple issue. I will reinstall and follow the installation again but if someone has had this issue and overcome it please let me know.

Possible concern is that I can still hit F12 to see a screen in FF or Opera from Dreamwever yet i have gone into
Settings/Control Pannel/Administration Tools/Internet Infotmation Services where I open Web sites and see Default website error file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/jacky/Desktop/IIS.gif
I do not know how to add the image here but not sure how but I have added as an attachment.

Thanks in advance.