View Full Version : Div is Longer in IE6 than in Firefox 5.*

10-24-2007, 11:16 AM

Can someone please have a look at this page in Firefox and IE6. I have a div with an image floating to the right of it. The image is set to a specific height.The div to the left of the image is dynamic in lenght i.e. it is as long as the text that it contains.

However,the page displays ok in IE6 but in Firefox, the div shows a lot shorter and makes the page look silly.

http://crazydaisyflorist.ie (http://crazydaisyflorist.ie/)

Any help or suggestions most welcome. I think it may be something to do with fonts as they appear to be different in both browsers.


10-24-2007, 11:47 AM
I actually got it solved guys. I just hard coded a specific lenght for the Div in the CSS file.

Thanks anyway.