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09-14-2007, 06:03 PM
I am probebly going to end up accepting google checkout (are they still offeing 10x on adsense, is that a limited thing ) to sell products and memberships and so on - But I dont want one of these shopping cart deals where i have to take their templates for loading products. I want to design
my own website and the only time the shopping cart comes into play is when the user clicks Checkout - although i do want to show the total, like amazon, adding up as more items are bought. Im gona float this question out there too - do I need a shopping cart package, can i get something that just deals with the final form to put credit card in, while doing everything else with database software.

So whats the solution Im new to ecommerce and shopping carts - so any hyperlinks for info would be useful too. Am i right in thinking google are much cheaper than papal and any of the others, about 1.5 and 10p / 25c per transaction.