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09-06-2007, 01:21 AM
Hi all,

I am having a problem with a site I am trying to design where I have sliced up all the images in Photoshop and am now trying to use tables with the images.

I have designed the basic layout and I want to have a flash movie in the centre of each page corresponding to each section (news/images/video etc).

The only problem I am having is that when I import a flash movie in to the centre of the page (the movie is the replacement for the centre slice) it throws a few of the other images slices off so there are black background gaps inbetween the images (I set the background to be black obviously).

I was having this problem before the flash movie was involved and sorted it out by dragging and resizing the table, but this time, it is not working at all when I resize and is very tedious to say the least!

I am a total noob and have learned this new technique from my friend only recently.

Please someone help, it is only a small problem and I would like to sort it out!


09-06-2007, 05:53 AM
what you are wanting to do can be accomplished fairly easily.

show us your design and i might be able to mock up a demo page for you.

hard to kno what ur talking about without any url reference or image thou - kno wat i mean... sorta like coding in the dark