View Full Version : I think my layers or my css is all wrong. Can someone look on their wide screen?

08-25-2007, 02:43 PM
***this is my second post as i believe it has nothing to do with DW itself rather, more like my coding so I copied and pasted here...Sorry!...If there is a solution to a question similar to this, please feel free to direct me as I truly don't know what this problem could be so I didn't know how to search for it....apologies for the repeat post(s) and so lengthy****

Hello everyone! So, I've been helping a friends husband make this site:


Now, when you get to the "products page" this is what it becomes:


Now...aint THAT purty? Hahahahaha! Now, on my end..it looked fine...according to him, he is using a wider screen than MY widescreen? I don't get it? I'm fairly comfortable with DW4 and this is my first "project" with DW8....

I know my codes are all messy and I intend on cleaning it all up before going live.

So far, he really likes this but, I was trying to get everything to autostretch only....it wouldn't work for me. So, then he wanted the center (because if left justified, he was irritated with the right side of the monitor being all "black").....

Thanks in advance for any help/critique/suggestions....

**...So, I found this post but, it didn't help as I think (or i believe) it has something to do with my layers being all coded incorrectly:


I would really appreciate any help on this as I stated above...DW4, I get pretty well it's the new bells and whistles on 8 that are getting me....

Thanks in advance...truly