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08-17-2007, 08:17 AM
Hi all, this is something that has been doing my head in for most of today. Im fairly new to D'weaver (having only built a very basic site previously for my wifes' catering business) and despite extensive Googling and experimentation, I just cant get what I want to happen.
I have made my background and buttons in P'shop, and this is a mockup of what I want my front page to look like;


I got it all to happen this morning, but when I previewed it, it was all tiled, and after working through that centered to the left!!! With a big white space to the right.
So....I started from scratch with the background image in a table, and as a simple insert. Still the same result.
Then I found a few sites that suggested using CSS (Text>CSS>New etc)
and this is what I have put in;

And as a result....I got this;


As you can see, theres no provision for scrolling - it's just a portion of the pic.

Like I said, Ive honestly tried everything I can. Seriously, Ive spent (on and off) over 8 hours on this and I just cant get it.

Am I missing something? Can I just not do what I want to? Am I just incredibly thick?


All and every suggestion muchly appreciated and if you land in Australia, the beers are on me. Honest.

08-17-2007, 10:04 AM
This should be easy to achieve either as a background or in a table, if you use a table though you'll need cells for your buttons. Email me the background if you want so I can see whats going on.


08-17-2007, 01:24 PM
or email richard@qwertypcs.co.uk

I'm leaving work soon

08-17-2007, 07:55 PM
Cheers Ricky, sorry about the delay but due to time differences...Ive just woken up.
The pic will be mailed to the 2nd addy in two shakes.

08-17-2007, 09:37 PM
I've emailed you back instructions mate