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08-08-2007, 10:52 PM
I am new to dream weaver. JUST NEED A QUICK HINT.
I used a flash template which was available free online to make my own website - I am using dreamweaver to publish my website using the flash template i just finished filling out - used a layer in dream weaver and put .swf file in it (the main file)
I also uploaded the dependent files on web.
When I preview my page in browser it plays the main file correctly but does not automatically access other files

when I play the main 24.swf file in flash - it automatically accesses different dependent files and plays the files as I want it to - also plays different page files - but the same file when put in dreamweaver only plays the intro and then stops and does not play different page files.
Actual files:
24.swf - is the main page file - when I play this in flash - it plays intro, contact tab (when clicked), my projects (when clicked), work experience (when clicked), everything.

I edited different page files my projects (24.1), contact tab (24.2), work experience (24.3) individually using their .fla files but still when I update information in this files and save them the 24.swf file automatically picks up the update BUT when I use the same file in dream weaver for publishing my website, it only goes till the intro and then stops and shows no view for those 24.1 24.2 24.3 files.
24.fla plays the intro but 24.swf plays everything, I didnt know it would take me so much time to do a simple upload like this.

I have been working on this problem since last 3 days and night but need some help now, I got to finish this up by tomorrow night.
Please help me, I am going crazy because I am a second away from the whole website but it doesnt show anything right now.
Please please help.
If my explanation doesnt sound clear, please for god sake let me know and I will explain again

thank you very much

08-08-2007, 11:20 PM
Wait I'm confused.

What your saying is, that you have created a website primarily in flash?

And you have created different .swf files for your different website pages?

Is there a link to the site that we can use?

08-08-2007, 11:59 PM
Thanks you very much for replying.
I used flash templates with swf and fla files.
24.swf is the main file and 24.1, 24.2, 23.5 are dependent files.
I edited each of them individually in their fla files and them viewed them individually in their swf files.
everything works fine right now.
Now, the main 24.swf file also plays the 24.1, 24.2, 24.3, etc when played
so once I play 24.swf it plays my intro and then I hit contact tab (which has its own 24.2 fla file) it plays that too. when I hit my projects tab (which has its own 24.1 fla file) it plays that too.

But when I load the main 24.swf file in dream weaver to publish it, it play the intro and ceases at the main layout, now even if I click those contact and my projects tabs, nothing happens.

So, what is it that I need to do to get everything playing. In swf file everything plays in the same window so I dont think that I should create different pages cuz what is the point of using flash then. I think there is something simple which I dont know and which you senior members would know.

I can send you my swf file and then you can see what the problem is or just go on www.aakashpatel.info and you will understand my problem

Please reply back, thank you very much

08-09-2007, 12:02 AM
Is there a way to combine all these 24.swf, 24.1.swf, 24.2.swf into one single swf file, if there is then it would solve my problem. The reason is that I used a template which came with multiple files, but as I said so 24.swf does everything I want it to do when played in flash but doesnt work the same when used in dreamweaver.

08-09-2007, 12:16 AM
I've only ever created websites with flash in one file, not by linking .swf files together.

So I'm afraid I'm of no help.

08-09-2007, 06:14 AM
if the template is working as it should when you click and run the main movie outside of dreamweaver then i sugest you upload all the movies to your host space and try checking it through your browser..

there are some issues with flash and dreamweaver when loading and running in design view

08-09-2007, 12:48 PM
tirituf, did you talk to the person that created the template as well?

02-13-2008, 05:50 PM
I do not need help

02-13-2008, 10:40 PM
Well it's been 6 months ago since you last posted in this thread, so I would imagine you had it fixed by now ;)

02-13-2008, 10:40 PM
Well it's been 6 months ago since you last posted in this thread, so I would imagine you had it fixed by now ;)