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07-25-2007, 11:04 AM
Hi folks,

I have created a template in CSS with seven pages created from it. The navibar consists of a graphic rollover with the 'hover' state created as an animated .gif. (first time I've tried this). I am having a strange problem though, when testing the buttons in the browser to make sure there all work and corresponde with each other, the links work once or twice and then just seem to stop working i.e. not linking to the selected page at all.

I have double checked the .dwt file to make sure all the links have been placed, which they have. However when I re-check them in the DW8 'Select file' window the file isn't highlighted anymore - so I need to re-select it. Has anyone any ideas why this is happening or any way round this. I have re-started DW8 and my Mac - just in case, however the same problem arises.

Has anyone else tried to do an animated .gif as a 'hover' state? I cant believe this is a reason why the links wouldn't work, or am I wrong?

Many thanks in advance

07-25-2007, 02:50 PM
That is weird! I have never tried that but an animated gif is still just an image so I wouldn't think that would be the problem. Can we see the code + CSS for the nav?