View Full Version : Dreamweaver to CD Application

07-24-2007, 03:56 PM
I have recently developed a site for displaying training videos for the company i am currently contracted for. No problems there the site works without error and I am happy with it for the moment at least. My boss would like this site to be on a CD for distribution After grouping all relevant files into the one folder and setting up an autorun file to play it on execution i placed all components on my i-pod for transfer to a PC with a CD burner.

The autorun works perfectly from my computer drive (h). With everything the exact same in the removable drive(i-pod: f, CD: D) the site always appears to be missing buttons or frames??
Ive gone through the code and there appears to be no ties to the H drive that may cause such a problem.
Is there something that i should know and am overlooking for transfering htm files outside of their original dreamweaver folder.
Some pages work others, similar in layout show no consistency in where they dont work...

Im very confused as to why the htm code works from 1 drive but not another

Colm Horgan