View Full Version : Creating new files and linking them??

07-21-2007, 07:47 AM
I am VERY new at this program. I'm wanting to know a very simple question answered please! I have made my homepage and am in the process of making new pages (contact us, photos, about us etc). How do I do this? I have tried right clicking on the homepage and going to "new file". I have made buttons and used what I think is the hyperlink drag tool which is located in the properties menu and dragged it to the new file. For example, the button, "about us", I have dragged the hyperlink from the button to the "about us" file. Each time I do this the button turns into the flash logo and my design disappears!!
OK, so this has turned into many questions. I hope someone understands what I'm trying to say! I have just got a job in web design and Dreamweaver is used. I have to teach myself!

07-21-2007, 09:46 AM

Your first page (home page) is always index.htm or index.html create that first, but also make sure you have defined your site on your desktop then told DW where the site is and what you want.

The link is internal so create either button or text then click and go to insert -->hyperlink and a small box will appear with a folder so you click that then DW will find the new page.

Now you have a two page site..:mrgreen:

Carry on till all your pages are complete.

For the images/photos you could use a template in new file and look at whats on offer, still able to add like I said about the page.

Have fun Mandy!