View Full Version : Refreshing Problem Please HeLP!!!

07-12-2007, 05:06 PM
Hi i am using dreamweaver cs3 and i just started to type some code. When i click the preview/debug button to show my code it opens up normal web browser which is fine. When i make changes to it and save it, and click preview/debug button to show the new changes, it always opens up a new document or sometimes if i have more than 1 web browser open(ebay.com say) and click the button, it opens up in my ebay.com web browser. Is there an option to tell dreamweaver cs3 to only open up the initial(first)browser that had the old changes and just adjust to the new changes accordingly. This really does annoy me, if you have used Flash 8 or higher, it does not do this, it always makes changes to original web browser and not open up a completly new browser with changes. Hope that makes sense.

P.S I only downloaded dreamweaver CS3 very recently so i am a complete noob in using this, but hopefully as time goes by, i'll be a complet PRO!!!